Current faculty, staff, and graduate students at Texas A&M University can register to critically judge the scholarly works presented at SRW.

  • A judge can be either a topic judge or layman judge
    • Topic Judge: experts in the subject area that will assess each presentation for content, methodology and sound conclusions of the work
    • Layman Judge: scholars who will not have a deep knowledge of the subject area and will assess presentations based on overall deliverability, communication and presentation skills
  • A Topic Judge must have already earned the degree for the degree level of the student they are judging
  • Each Judge will be scheduled according to their availability and students will be matched as best as possible to the Topic Judge’s field/discipline
  • Each oral presentation session is comprised of 6-8 students and each poster presentation session has 8-10 students

Judges will play an integral part in students’ research, development, and presentation skills by providing valuable feedback both on the topic and delivery as a whole. We need objective judges to help us bridge disciplines and engage others at SRW 2020.

For more information, email