The following guidelines apply to all of the SRW 2020 awards:

  • All participants will be judged by a Topic Judge and a Layman Judge. Rubrics for poster and oral scoring are available on this page

  • All Judges’ scores and decisions are final in regards to the competition

  • Undergraduate students will compete against other undergraduate students and graduate students will compete against other graduate students. Undergraduates and graduates may present in the same session but will be judged as separate groups.

  • 1st and 2nd Place awards will be given to the highest and second-highest combined average judging scores in each subject area. In the event of a tie, two 1st Place awards will be given and the combined prize of 1st and 2nd Place will be evenly split- there will not be a 2nd Place award given if this is the case. In the event of a tie for 2nd Place, the students will split the 2nd Place prize and a 1st Place award will still be given.

  • If a subject area has less than or equal to 4 participants, there will only be a 1st Place prize awarded. No 2nd Place.

Layman judge (Oral) feedback form
topic judge (Oral) feedback form
Layman judge (poster) feedback form
Topic judge (poster) feedback form
Judge Guidelines